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Thank you so much Leah

With my first set of top dentures I could not bite or rub my lips together to smooth my lipstick. My dentist changed them, but I ended up with these horrible little square teeth – yuk. Gave up on him and went to another technician, all I got was a set of “Donny Osmondes” – yuk. Tried again, they were better but still not happy with them. Oh well, I thought just have to grin and bear it – pun.

10 years later I had had to have a lot of my bottom double teeth removed. My new dentist told me I could have a partial denture fitted and recommended Leah. Understanding a little of engineering I knew I would have to have a new top denture made at the same time so my bite would be OK. Here I go again, I thought, DREAD. But Leah was wonderful. She got me to bring in some photos of me with my natural teeth. Leah worked with me, talked to me then and proceeded to make my mouth/teeth as close to my original teeth as possible.

I am so delighted. I can smile again with confidence, and enjoy eating steak, sandwiches with lettuce and tomatoes etc. My closest girlfriend told me she noticed I do not put my hand in front of my mouth now when I smile or laugh. Didn’t even know I did that – shows how much I hated my other dentures and how they made me look.

So Leah, thank you so much for your caring empathy, professionalism and being such an excellent dental technician.


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