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Reason to smile

Dear Leah
I am very thankful for people who make me happy and give me reason to smile – you are definitely near the top of my list. Looking forward to seeing you again.

FOR YOUR RECORDS – I am supplying a brief outline of my experience.

The loss of my own teeth at the age of 38yrs caused me real grief.
Teeth are a small part of the body but play a very big part in our lives
The journey without them is more than just about teeth.
loss of function leads to poor digestion

  • reduces choices & enjoyment of social occasions
  • winning friends & influencing people depends on smiling
  • confidence & facial expression alter, if teeth are not fitting well
  • I live on a very limited income (saved for 2yrs & needed value for money)

It is not easy to convey such ideas to a dentist & it’s not profitable. Ted Bealing is exceptional.
He also recommended Leah as a person who would appreciate the finer details and take the time.

Leah listens with emotional intelligence, understands the personal dimension and finds a technical solution.
In my case – working on a fixed (removable) bridge, fitted over four implants which support the bridge.

Leah presented me with superior teeth which are beautifully made – very true to the nature of real teeth.
She then set them into the plate which was built up a little to help with facial appearance (better than botox)
When it was all set up, I had time to consider how it felt, make changes if required for comfort or appearance.

Working with Leah on such a personal project was a totally positive experience with a rewarding outcome.
I’ve had the teeth for a month and can’t stop smiling – Leah’s work is pure artistry with a very personal touch.

I am happy to be contacted for a conversation with anyone who needs reassurance about this process.

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Sutton

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