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I still look like me

In 2007 I finally faced the prospect of having my dentures renewed. I had dreaded the prospect so much, that I had ‘put it off’ for too many years and the situation had become desperate. I dreaded it for two reasons, firstly the discomfort of adjusting to new dentures, but secondly that in previous years it had so dramatically altered my appearance that it took other people some time to adjust to the ‘different looking’ me!!

I began to do some research and rejected several Dental Technicians by talking to them. When I spoke to Leah I believed I was talking to someone who could understand my fears.

On visiting Leah at her clinic, I felt at ease straight away. The process was straightforward and fast. Not nearly so many visits to ‘get it right’, but the end result was amazing. I had new attractive comfortable teeth but without the change in my basic appearance. I STILL LOOKED LIKE ME!! This mattered a lot as I work with the public as a Counsellor/Therapist and didn’t want my clients to be more focused on my mouth than on their own lives.

I would recommend Leah and her talent to anyone. She is the best ‘dental’ experience I have ever had.

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