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I have struggled with ulcers and discomfort for many a year

Had a fear of having new dentures made for about 25 years. I have struggled with ulcers and discomfort for many a year. To my amazement my new dentures fit like a glove. The before and after pictures were a real rude awakening. Leah and her staff were total professionals, also their friendliness and keeping me in the loop with what ...

PDP to the rescue

My wife, for some time, had trouble with her lower dentures - Leah and her team carefully measured and crafted a replacement to Georgina’s satisfaction and within budget. Many thanks Syd Young

Stress free and I am thrilled

A big thank you to you for making it so easy for me to get new dentures. As an 86 year old, on a walker, the thought of arranging transport etc. made me put off making appointments etc. However, I saw an advertisement about the home visit service you offered and a broken tooth made me take action. The ...

An excellent listener, friendly and meticulious

In October 2014 I had a top denture made by Leah Taylor at PDP Denture Studio, Auckland. From Receptionist to Leah the attention and care I received throughout the process was outstanding.   Leah was prompt with communication, explained the procedure clearly, an excellent listener, friendly and meticulious. Leah provided me with a quality million dollar smile using an Ivocap denture. I would have ...

Amazing, brilliant, incredible!

Amazing, brilliant, incredible!... People think I have had a facelift or botox! LB

The answer to my prayers

It was 21 years ago that I had my teeth removed having been very ill with mercury poisoning. My health rapidly improved but the immediate dentures were a very painful ongoing experience. When my gums had healed I invested in a new set of dentures and this enabled me to eat soft food a little more comfortably, though the grip on ...

Absolutely delighted

As a long time wearer of dentures due to an accident as a young person I do know how my teeth should look. My first appointment with Leah was so good because she LISTENED and that was very important to me. We talked everything through and Leah understood immediately all my fears and phobias. I knew she was the right person for ...

Professional and caring

I found leah to be very professional and caring while having my dentures fitted.  Her workmanship was excellent, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs to have dentures made and fitted well. Ralph Krebs

Thank you so much Leah

With my first set of top dentures I could not bite or rub my lips together to smooth my lipstick. My dentist changed them, but I ended up with these horrible little square teeth - yuk. Gave up on him and went to another technician, all I got was a set of "Donny Osmondes" - yuk. Tried again, ...

A big thank-you

I just so love the new look and people have been telling me how much younger I look. My teeth are so perfect, even though you purposely created that slight imperfection for a more natural look. I love the shape and colour too. I also need to give you a big thank-you for your kindness through treatment and understanding that ...

Sing your praises

Hi Leah I'd love to sing your praises to the world for all your kindness help and understanding and just believing in me when I first visited you saying my dentures just don't fit me and no one wants to listen to me and the guy who made the dentures says there is nothing wrong and my dentist-same-same. You did all ...

Absolutely thrilled

Hello Leah I just want you to know that I am absolutely thrilled with my lovely Ivocap dentures. Not only do they look really good (lotsa nice comments from friends) but they are oh so comfortable, sore spots are certainly a thing of the past. Also thankyou for your prompt and friendly service. Kind regards Colleen

Fantastic Success

Hi Leah Just wanted to let you know this wonderful denture you created is a fantastic success. I would rather keep it in than take it out. Who would have ever believed I would say that. I can eat quite well with it even though the bottom teeth are not there to help, certainly better than ever before. ...

Very happy

I would like to say how pleased my mother and I have been with the service we recieved from Leah. My mother is 93 and was not happy to visit a dental surgery, Leah was happy to visit her unit. Mum is very happy with her teeth and I also had teeth made and I'm also very happy with them. ...

Reason to smile

Dear Leah I am very thankful for people who make me happy and give me reason to smile - you are definitely near the top of my list. Looking forward to seeing you again. FOR YOUR RECORDS - I am supplying a brief outline of my experience. The loss of my own teeth at the age of 38yrs caused me real grief. Teeth are ...

My teeth are great

Hi Leah Just to let you know that my teeth are great, and settled in well. I have had a couple of very favourable comments, both from people who wear dentures. Everyone else is either very polite or just haven't noticed.    See you in five or ten years... Cheers Elaine

Don’t even look like dentures

My daughter's comments were "You have to be happy with those, Mum”, and my sister said "Your teeth are lovely, they don't even look like dentures". They are very comfortable and natural looking. Thank you

I still look like me

In 2007 I finally faced the prospect of having my dentures renewed. I had dreaded the prospect so much, that I had 'put it off' for too many years and the situation had become desperate. I dreaded it for two reasons, firstly the discomfort of adjusting to new dentures, but secondly that in previous years it had so dramatically altered ...

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